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Postcards & Direct Mail

Direct Mail printing has never been easier than at Mele Printing.

A simple way to reach customers in their own home, direct mail has the ability to say a lot with a little space. You can send a message with bold colors, subtle hints or killer copy that makes your prospect laugh out loud. Or, send an invitation that is sure to be the event of the season, with an invite to match.

These aren’t your grandma’s postcards. We’re talking about direct mail that will WOW your customers and captivate your prospects. Direct mail is an inexpensive and effective way to reach your audience. These targeted marketing pieces can quickly convey key messages and offerings. Direct mail and postcards have been simple and effective for decades. Trust our staff of experts to create a custom direct mail (available in all shapes and sizes) pieces for your business.

Direct Mail Design
Sometimes you’ve got an idea but aren’t sure how to make that idea come to life. At Mele Printing, we offer graphic design that will take your visions and make them a reality. Our top-notch design staff can help achieve the results you’re looking for while making the entire process look pretty; not to mention the beautiful end-product.

Bonus Tip: Want to take your mailing to the next level? Consider including an attention-grabbing promotional product with the postcard you send to customers and prospects.

Next time you’re looking for a custom postcard that matches the professionalism and tone of your business, leave it to Mele Printing to get the postcard printing job done right.

Postcards are a great start but need more marketing? Think about ordering some banners to go with!

Custom Postcard Printing & Design

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